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Gtalk chat window theme laih theihna

Gtalk window theme a laihnuam te-a ding in hih MyTheme na download le teh smile lim tuamtuam te zong tawh kingahpah dan hi. Kei lian in sinlianlo ka hih man in screenshot zong a omsa mah hong copy mai ing.
Start Menu -> All Programs -> DaSh -> MyTheme -> Change Background

Na background ding in na deih khat peuhpeuh koih thei hiteh. Just select it and click OK.

Smile tawh kisai te hiteng ah,

Start Menu -> All Programs -> DaSh -> MyTheme -> Help.pdf
    Download one of the file, either zip or rar file.
  • Download the gtheme.zip from here 
  • Download the gtheme.rar from here 


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