Na mansuah file te bangci zon ding

Na computer sung a na koih file khat peuhpeuh mangsak a hih kei leh na koihna theilo in na om leh hi teng ah nang hong huh ding ZOCIA om hi.
Na hih dan ding:

  • File menu click in la Search item teel in (mouse na neih kei leh Alt+F mek inla H mek leuleu in)press Alt+F and then press H.
  • Na zonnop file min search box sung ah at in Enter meek in. (themvei zawh teh na file zonpen hong suakpah ding hi.)
Na zonna drive sung ah na file a om kei leh "No files match..." cihbangdan khat hong suak ding hi. Na drive dangkhat sungzong leuleu in. "Changing from One Drive to Another," cihdan khat om ding hi tua pan na file min at leuleu in.

Keyboard pan floppy drive nazon danding C: drive bangkhat a hih leh CTRL+C, D: drive a hih leh CTRL+D cihbang in ki zong theihi.

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