Yahoo Mail pan Yahoo Groups Leave dan ah lut inla sign in in a hihkeileh na yahoo sign in phot inla tua khitteh ah lut in, tua hileh hih a nuai a teng hongsuak ding hi.
(a) Alom a tangh in na phiat nop leh

a hih kei leh 
(b)khatkhat in na leave nop leh hih a nuai a bang

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  1. You may unsubscribe from a Yahoo! Group via the web or via email:
    To unsubscribe via the web:
    Go to the My Groups page. Note: If you are not already signed in, you will be prompted to do so.
    Click the Edit My Groups tab.
    In the "Leave Group" column, click the checkbox next to the group you plan to leave.
    Click Save Changes.
    To unsubscribe from a group via email:
    Send a blank message from your subscribed email address to:
    [group name]