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The Master List for New Mac Users (1)

Mac Basics
Move to Mac - Apple
Introducing stacks - Atomic Learning
Recording A Disc Image - MacProVideo
Working with Expose - MacProVideo
Changing User Icon - MacProVideo
Finder View - Switching2Mac
Cover Flow & Quick Look - Switching2Mac
Installing Applications - Switching2Mac
Cocoa Dictionary - Murphy Mac
In the Corner - Murphy Mac
Tweak Your Toolbar - Murphy Mac
Leopard 10.5.2 and Spaces - ScreenCastsOnline
Setting Up Your Mac - Part 1 - ScreenCastsOnline
Setting Up Your Mac - Part 2 - ScreenCastsOnline
Leopard - Time Machine - ScreenCastsOnline
OS X productivity tips - Macworld Video
Inside Mac OS X 10.5.2 - Macworld Video
Finder's hidden powers - Macworld Video
10 tips to be thankful for - Macworld Video
Leopard Gems - Macworld Video
Favorite Leopard Features - Macworld Video
Switching from Windows
Parallels Desktop for Mac - ScreenCastsOnline

Widget Cleanup - Murphy Mac


Working with passwords - Atomic Learning
Importing email into Mail - Atomic Learning
Choosing an email format - Atomic Learning
RSS in Mail - Apple
Address Book
Adding notes to a contact - Atomic Learning

Browser Wars: Game On - Murphy Mac
RSS in Safari - Murphy Mac
Safari tips - Macworld Video
Safari 3 - Macworld Video
Surf Faster - Apple

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