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The Master List for New Mac Users (2)

Quickly Organize All Your Photos
View and Enjoy Your Photos
Introducing iPhoto '08 - Atomic Learning
Customizing the toolbar - Atomic Learning
Improving Your Photos

Sharing Your Photos
iPhoto Book to Movie - Murphy Mac
Creating Photo Gifts and Keepsakes

iMovie '08
One Place for All Your Video
Introducing iMovie '08 - Atomic Learning

Reviewing Your Video
Rating Video -Apple
Making Movies
Adding Music -Apple
Sharing Your Movies

Advanced Techniques

Creating a DVD from Your Videos, Photos, and Music
Understanding the interface - Atomic Learning
Planning a project - Atomic Learning

Easy, Flexible Website Design

Add Photos and Movies to Your Site

Express Yourself with Blogs and Podcasts

Publish and Manage Your Website

iTunes Drag and Drop - Murphy Mac
Convert to MP3 - Murphy Mac
iTunes tips - Macworld Video



Odds and Ends
Open this. With that. - Murphy Mac
Automator - ScreenCastsOnline
Growl - Murphy Mac

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