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Download Apple iOS 6 Beta IPSW fr iPhone, iPad & iPod

Apple has already announced the new and most advanced mobile operating system iOS 6 for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV and for other Apple iOS products today at Worldwide Developer’s Conference 2012 (WWDC). The features of Apple iOS 6 we had already discussed in our previous post. Click here if you want to know everything, anything and what iOS 6 is offering for users. The next generation of mobile operating system iOS 6 betas is now officially available for general public and for iOS developers. WWDC 2012 is already going on at WWDC 2012 with Apple's CEO Tim Cook so soon the iOS developer betas are likely to be release for general public in the next few hours or so (similar to what happened with iOS 5 released). Download and install iOS 6 betaIPSW Firmware Software Update on your iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 3GS, iPad, iPad 2, The New iPad 3, iPod 4G/3G Touch devices, Apple TV, Safari 6 and other iOS 6 softwares for better improvement on your iDevices. (Direct Download Links of iOS 6 IPSW Firmwares are Available). Latest iOS 6 Beta 2 for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV is now officially available for download.

Apple iOS 6 for iPhone, iPad and iPod

A very well-known and authentic Chinese forum has leaked the Official Links of iOS 6beta IPSW Firmware Software Update for all iDevices including iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 3GS, iPad, iPad 2, The New iPad 3, iPod 4G/3G Touch devices, Apple TV, Safari 6 and other iOS 6 softwares. These iOS 6 leaked links have already spread on internet because after the few hours it will automatically get active for general public and iOS developers and iOS users will be able to download iOS 6 betaIPSW Firmware Software Update files directly from Apple servers. According to sources Apple iOS Developers will have access to the first beta on iOS 6 later this afternoon and iOS customers can expect to see iOS 6 Software Updates directly fromApple iDevices through OTA (Over-the-Air) Wirelessly in Fall of this year or users can also download and install iOS 6 from their PC desktop via iTunes. The whole iOS 6 IPSW Firmware setup files are divided into two separate versions, one is Consumer Versionand other is Enterprise Version. iOS Developers can start using and developing iOS 6 from today with the first iOS 6 beta. If you are not an iOS Developer so don’t worry you can still download and install iOS 6 in your Apple iDevices. First get full backup of your recent iOS software version with iTunes, but keep in mind that beta software always has bugs and compatibility issues.

External Download Links of Apple iOS 6 beta IPSW Firmware:

Currently only external unofficial download links are activated and available for iOS 6 betaIPSW Firmwares. iOS users and developers can download iOS 6 setup files from the following external unofficial activated and working mirrors and links, soon you will get official links working and activated on this page. Following download links are also iOS 6 IPSW Firmware setups files leaked directly from Apple's servers in working condition. We have got the following links from here.
Torrent Download Links of Apple iOS 6 beta IPSW Firmware:

Apple iOS users and developers can also download iOS 6 beta IPSW Firmware setups files directly from Torrents server. Following iOS 6 beta Torrents Links are activated and in fully working condition. Get your iOS 6 beta torrent files now. We have got the following links from here.
  • Apple iOS 6 beta for iPhone 4S (Size: 875.89 MB) - Torrent Link
  • Apple iOS 6 beta for iPhone 4 CDMA (Size: 846.17 MB) - Torrent Link
  • Apple iOS 6 beta for iPhone 4 GSM (Size: 849.44 MB) - Torrent Link
  • Apple iOS 6 beta for iPhone 3GS (Size: 761.40 MB) - Torrent Link
  • Apple iOS 6 beta for iPod Touch 4G (Size: 807.67 MB) - Torrent Link
  • Apple iOS 6 beta for iPad 3 WiFi + Celluar (AT&T) (Size: 1.07 GB) - Torrent Link
  • Apple iOS 6 beta for iPad 3 WiFi + Cellular (Verizon) (Size: 1.07 GB) - Torrent Link
  • Apple iOS 6 beta for iPad 3 WiFi (Size: 1.04 GB) - Torrent Link
  • Apple iOS 6 beta for iPad 2 Rev A (Size: 769.16 MB) - Torrent Link
  • Apple iOS 6 beta for iPad 2 CDMA (Size: 783.31 MB) - Torrent Link
  • Apple iOS 6 beta for iPad 2 GSM (Size: 785.61 MB) - Torrent Link
  • Apple iOS 6 beta for iPad 2 WiFi (Size: 769.44 MB) - Torrent Link
  • Apple iOS 6 beta for Apple TV 3 (Size: 586.92 MB) - Torrent Link
  • Apple iOS 6 beta for Apple TV 2 (Size: 542.22 MB) - Torrent Link
Official Direct Download Links of Apple iOS 6 IPSW Firmware:

Apple iOS Users and  iOS Developers can download iOS 6 beta setups files from the following official mirrors and links directly from Apple's server.

Apple's Third-generation (3rd) The New iPad 3 iOS 6 IPSW Firmware:
- Consumer: Wi-FiWi-Fi + Cellular (GSM)WiFi + Cellular (CDMA)
- Enterprise: Wi-FiWiFi + Cellular (GSM)WiFi + Cellular (CDMA)

Apple's iPad 2 iOS 6 IPSW Firmware:
- Consumer: Wi-FiWiFi + 3G (GSM)WiFi + 3G (CDMA)Revised Wi-Fi
- Enterprise: Wi-FiWiFi + 3G (GSM)WiFi + 3G (CDMA)Revised Wi-Fi

Apple's iPhone iOS 6 IPSW Firmware:
- Consumer: 4S4 (GSM)4 (CDMA)3GS
- Enterprise: 4S4 (GSM)4 (CDMA)3GS

Apple's iPod Touch iOS 6 IPSW Firmware:
- Consumer: 4th Generation
- Enterprise: 4th Generation

Apple's TV iOS 6 IPSW Firmware:
- Consumer: 2nd Generation3rd Generation

Apple's Safari 6 iOS 6 IPSW Firmware:
- Consumer: Safari 6 Developer Preview for LionUninstaller

Apple's Other iOS 6 Software Updates:
iOS 6 Beta Guide (PDF)
Installing Apple TV Software (PDF)

InstructionMay be when you click on above official download links you will get the message saying "Your session has expired" its because you dont have a UDID iOS Developer Account. But have patience and Wait and Check back later soon until officially those links will automatically gets activated from Apple's server for general public. But you can still download iOS 6 beta IPSW firmware from External DownloadLinks provided above. 
According to Apple; iOS 6 beta official links are currently only available for iOS Developers with Registered UDID. However, If you're one of a lucky Apple User having registered UDID than you won't get any error and problem when downloading files from above mentioned links. Enjoy!

Note: If any iOS device users don't have his self registered UDID iOS Developer account than you won't have to worry because you can still Install and Activate iOS 6 betaon your iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 3GS, iPad, iPad 2, The New iPad 3, iPod 4G/3G Touch devices, Apple TV or any other iOS Devices without having UDID and Registered iOS Developer AccountClick Here and get Tutorial and Guidelines of installing and activating iOS 6 beta without having UDID and iOS Developer Account. Enjoy!

Update: Latest Release of iOS 6 Beta 2 IPSW Firmware for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV is now Officially Available for Download. Install and Upgrade latest iOS 6 beta 2 firmware on your iOS device now.

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