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Zawgyi Font for a MAC OS

Here is the instruction Video for how to download and install Zawgyi Font (Burmese) in a MAC OSX (Apple Computer). Keyboard layout is the same with Windows, but do research yourself when you are trying to use (Alt) key in OSX (press and hold “Option”key down)  instead of (Atl+Tide) key in Windows. ထပ္ဆင့္စာလံုုးေတြရိုုက္ခ်င္ရင္ “Option” key ကိုု ဖိထားရင္းရိုုက္ရပါတယ္။ တစ္ခ်ိဳ႔ကို “Option+Shift” သံုးရပါတယ္။
Download Zawgyi Font for MAC

OSX Lion “Zawgyi Font Problem” Trouble Shooting
Anyone who are getting trouble with Burmese Font in New OSX Lion, (like on Facebook) right after your installation of Zawgyi Font; (Zawgyi Font သြင္းၿပီးေသာ္လည္း Facebook ေပၚတြင္ ၿပသနာရိွေနေသးသူမ်ား ေအာက္ပါနည္းအတိုုင္း ေၿဖရွင္းႏိုုင္ပါသည္)
Open “Application>Font Book” (or) type “Font Book” in Spotlight,
look for Myanmar MN and Myanmar Sangam MN in the Font pane.You can either Disable or Remove those. Restart your MAC. Then you will be fine on Safari.If you want to make sure on Safari,“Safari> Preferences> Appearance> change both Fonts to Zawgyi-One”
Click Here to Download this New Keyboard
(1) Extract downloaded zip file down to (Zawgyi.keylayout)
(2) Copy Zawgyi.keylayout
(3) Replace at (Your Hard Drive – MAC HD > Library > Key Layouts > Zawgyi.keylayout)
(4) Enter your password for Admin Access
This process might disable your Input Sources (eg. Language Flag will disappear)
(5) Setting > Keyboard > Input Sources > Check mark “Zawgyi KB” again
(6) Restart your MAC and try to type (Option + y) , you will see ” ၸ “
Fixed Zawgyi Keyboard for ပတ္ဆင့္ ” ၸ “
Source http://edwardwitten.blogspot.com

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