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[Scam] YOUR UNCLAIMED FUNDS!!! Reply Email ( marywood.und2@btinternet.com )

A nuai a laikhak zong @unicef.org pan email hong kikhak tawh kibang napi in to: mun ah bcc: (Blind Carbon Copy) mah suak ahih man in hih email a ngahte tung bek ah hong kikhak hilo ahih ban ah, laikhak diklo ahih man in sum mawk bei theihna ding leh sup theihna ding khemna nam khat ahi hi. Online scam akici sum tuazah na ngah nopleh sum thoh theih nading in tua zah puak phot in cih tepawl hih bang dan te ahi hi. Hih dan laikhak hong tun khak leh, na muh khak leh kidop theih nading in hong hawmsawn ingh.

You were selected among the lucky recipients to receive the award sum of $4,500.000.00 as charity donations/aid from 02 Telecommunications / Hyundai Group.
You are required to expeditiously Contact our Lottery Agent Name: Dr Mary Wood.   E-mail Address: marywood.und2@btinternet.com

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