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[Scam] Your payment information of US$5000

A nuai a bang in lai hong kikhak leh hih pen thu diklo, mi khem te kiang pan hi a, khemna lai ahih ma in thuk kik loh ding bek thamlo in, phiat pah ding pawl ahi hi. Phiat ciang in zong SPAM folder sung ah tuah ding hoih kan lai hi.

Lai hong kikhakna mun pan in undisclosed recipients cih bang hong om leh, tua lai pen nang ma tung ah hong kikhak lian hilo cihna hi pah a, ahih kei leh nang bek hong kikhak hilo a, midang tampite tawh hong ki khakkhawm cihna ahi hi. Sum ngah ding khat pen mi dang tampite tawh hong ki khak khawm ngeilo ding hi cih pen theihsa hi pah hi. Hih bang dan lai i ngah khak leh i thudon loh ding leh, i up khak loh nading deihsakna tawh a nuai a hong khak dan lian in lim tawh kong thuah kawm hi.

Good day to you,
We have authorized Western Union Money Transfer, Dubai(UAE) to start transferring your $5000 twice daily from your US$1,500.000.00 being  payment of your poverty alleviation progamme from UN/IMF
Contact Western Union Manager: VAN DER KAAP, Email: <wstn1976@kimo.com> Direct phone numbers is:+971 551 189 953
MTCN :_______________  409-789-00-- ## request for remaining 2 digit numbers, Amount Sent___________ $5000.00 USD, We agreed that you will pay $290 to them.
Mrs Blenda Jane Mc-Donald,Chairperson: Payment Reconciliation Board, UN-IMF

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