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AlertPay pan in Payza.com ah ki laih to ta!

Sumkhakna leh Vanzuak theihna company ahi AlertPay pen leitungbup gam 190 val ah kizang a, sumnam (currency) 22 ki zangthei ding in akibawl ahi hi.

Tuma kum tampi lai a kipan in AlertPay ci in online pan in sum piak, khak, vanlei theihna leh vanzuakna ahi AlertPay in mailam hun ah Payza cih min tawh hong laihto ta ding uh a, a lui sang in gam tam ah kingah sak zaw ding ban ah, a hoih zaw ding in hong puahto uh cih thu suaksak uh hi.

AlertPay a zang khinsate in amau sumbung sung a om sum phazah, azat ngei uh ID leh Password te akibang mah tawh zang suak thei ding ci in zong genbehna nei uh hi. https://www.alertpay.com
Your AlertPay Just Got Better!

Want even more services and flexibility from your favorite online payment processor? You got it!
  • Smartphone & mobile phone friendly
  • More countries and additional currencies
  • Global bank wires loaded into your e-wallet in more currencies
  • Enhanced customer support
And more!
The AlertPay that you love is becoming Payza this spring – to give you exactly these things! Thanks to a recent merger with UK- based MH Pillars Ltd, a leader in prepaid card solutions, we were able to join forces to take AlertPay to the next level of online payment processing.
On May 14, 2012, we’re launching a redesigned website with more service offerings to bring you an even better online payment processing experience. All of your information will transition to Payza.com – so you don’t have to do a thing! Same account number, same personal and financial information, same login & password!
Personal Pro Account Members:
Apart from a new brand name, nothing changes! All of your information stays the same:
  • The same account (with your money in it)!
  • The same personal and financial information!
  • The same login and password!
BUT, you will get:
  • New service offerings;
  • Enhanced customer support; and
  • A completely redesigned and easier-to-use website!

Get a sneak peak of the new Payza design here: http://www.payza.com.

We are really excited about the new website and the new services – and we hope you will be too!

The AlertPay (soon-to-be Payza) Team
Login na bawl lecin a nuai a bang in alertpay pan in payza.com (paypal ahilo) ah limlah hong suak ding a, tua pan in Debit card/ Prepaid Card vaikhak theih nading hong suak ding hi. A nuai a mun nih sung pan in na deih zawkzawk teel ding ahi hi.

Paypal tawh kibang dektak napi in akibatlohna tampi om hi. Account a nei khat in US lo gamdang khat peuh nahih hang in Payza (AlertPay) akizatna mun khat peuh ah account VERIFY bawl theih ahi hi. Nang ma omna address ah lai hong khak ding a tua pan in laidal sung a om code (nambat) tawh verify bawl ding ahi hi.

A nuai a bang in laikhak na ngah ding a, ni 7 sung in hong theisak kik ding uh ahi hi.

Dear Taang,

Thank you for your interest! You have been successfully pre-registered for the AlertPay Prepaid Card.
If you are pre-selected to order the card, you will be notified as soon as the AlertPay Prepaid Card is available for ordering in your country. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with instructions on how to complete your order.
As you know, the number of cards available per country is limited. If you are pre-selected, act fast and order your card within seven business days.
In the event that you are not pre-selected to order the card, your name will remain in our system and you will be notified as soon as there are more cards available in your country.
In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns about your Payza account, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support team.
Thanks for choosing Payza (formerly AlertPay),
The Payza Team

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