Zawgyi KeyBoard Installer For Windows 7

Zawgyi Font for Bit 64

1. Firstly, install the file. The File is Zawgyi Myanmar Installer for Windows 7.
2. Go to "Text Services and Input Language" in Control Panel >>Fonts; and Select "Zawgyi Myanmar Unicode L"

Then all will be ok!

I You still have some problems on Bit 64, you can run Alpha Zawgyi adg then, run the given file from Mediafire. That is "ZawGyil_amd64.msi, ZawGyil_i386.msi and ZawGyi_ia64.msi". Among all these three, you can choose whatever u wanna install, which of them is ok, that means you run one ".msi" file from the downloaded file.
It will solve your problems. 
If you still have problem on installing Zawgyi keyboard on Windows 7, You add thisIEZawgyiGtalkFont. Download this and run it. There will be ok! 

Zawgyi Keyboard Installer for Bit 32.
Zawgyi Keyboard Installer for Bit 32 is to run Alphazawgyi only. If you run Alpha Zawgyi, everything is ok.

Source: IT Zomi

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  1. in 32 bit , it is ok to install but keyboard doesn't change although i use Crtl + Shift , i don't know what error i have , please help this !!!