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Mobile + Email Publishing in tumblr.com

Mobile + Email Publishing

Tumblr offers incredibly sophisticated email publishing as an easy way to post from your desktop or mobile phone. Just grab your private email address from the Settings page for your blog.
You can access the Settings for a specific blog from the management page for that blog. Click on the blog's title at the top of your Dashboard or under the list icon at the top right of the Dashboard. Then click Blog Settings on the right side of the screen.
You can also format your posts with Markdown when emailing them.
Information on troubleshooting email publishing is available at the bottom of this page.

Email Formatting for Different Post Types

Tumblr will automatically detect what type of post you're trying to create based on the email formatting you use. Check out these examples:

Text posts

Photo posts


Link posts

Quote posts

Chat posts

Audio posts

Post with tags


If you're having trouble with email publishing, make sure you are using one of the post formats detailed above.
You must send the email post straight to your mobile posting email address. You cannot email an intermediary email address that then forwards to your mobile posting email address.
Your mobile posting email address must go in the To field of the email. It cannot go in the CC or BCC field.
If you are stilling having issues, make sure there isn't a typo in the mobile posting email address you are using. Using the Settings page for your blog to reset your mobile posting email address to a new address may also help. 

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