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Linking Windows Live Application for Ning Network

ENABLE SOCIAL SIGN IN WITH WINDOWS LIVEEnabling Social Sign In for Windows Live will allow your members to join or sign in to your network with the same credentials they use to sign in to Windows Live. To set this up on your network, go to the Sign up / Sign in management page from your dashboard. Check either of the boxes next to Windows Live to prompt a window to pop up.

From that pop up, you'll see a link to Windows Live. Click on that link to be taken to the Windows Live sign in page in a new window or tab. Don't have an account? No problem! Create your account first on Windows Live.
On the Windows Live account creation page, fill in all of the fields and click "I accept" to create the account. You'll need to verify your email address to complete the process, so look for a verification email and click on the link within to verify your email address. You should now be all set with a new Windows Live account. Once you have a Windows Live account, you'll be able to create an app on the My Applications page. You should arrive at this page automatically, but can also reach it by going to https://manage.dev.live.com/Applications/Index. Click on the "Create application" link to get started.
Name your app as you want users to see it and set the primary language for your app. Note: If you see an error message stating you are not allowed to use your selected app name, edit it or click on the link to request approval from Windows Live.
Click "I accept". App details will now appear. Copy the Client ID and Client secret. Paste this information into the Client ID and Client secret spaces provided on your network.

Back on the Windows Live app page, click the "Application Settings Page" link. Then click on "API Settings". From here, you'll see a "Redirect domain" field. In the pop-up window back on your network, copy the link in Step 6 and paste this into the "Redirect domain" field on your Windows Live app.
(There is a mobile client app option, but only select "Yes" if your app is already a mobile app. Otherwise, leave it set to "No". To learn more about this option, check out Windows Live's documentation at http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-oauth-v2-20#section-2.1.)
Click "Save" on your app's page, then click "Done" on your network.

You can add this social sign in service to either the sign up or sign in pages, or add it to both, by checking the corresponding box. Save your changes.
Your sign up page will now display a Windows Live button for people who want to sign up (and / or in, depending on your preference) using their Windows Live credentials.

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