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How to show Hidden Files And Folders In USB Drive

To view hidden files and folders in USB drive, you can simply navigate to Folder Options > View > and select Show Hidden Files and Folders. But this is just a general view option, what if a virus or a malicious file has hidden itself in the USB drive and you need to view it?
This is where USB Show comes in. It is a free little portable tool that shows all hidden files inside the USB Drive. Insert your USB Drive, launch USB Show executable file and hit Recovery The Hide File button to recover all hidden files.
Editor’s Notes: The developer’s language is Espanol, therefore the app starts in Espanol language by default. When you change the language to English, the button translates into “Recovery The Hide File” instead of “Recover The Hidden Files”. Since the developer is new to English language we appreciate the fact that he still made it available for English users even through the translation is not correct. Kudos to the developer for taking a giant leap forward, more on this topic later.
Recovery The Hide Files
Once you hit this button, choose the USB Drive and it will start scanning all files instantly.
recover hidden files
If it finds a hidden file, you will be notified about it and it can be later recovered from the report. Make sure you have an antivirus in case some virus is detected. Even through most antivirus software will scan and detect hidden viruses, it is still better to be on the safe side.
It works on all versions of Windows including the latest Windows 7. Enjoy!

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