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Google Apps Vault: Helps protect your business from legal risks

Information Governance

Google Apps Vault allows you to reduce risks and costs associated with litigation, investigation, and compliance audits. For an additional $5/user/month, you can add capabilities to Google Apps that help prepare your business for these situations.

Archive and manage in place

A single archive for Gmail and on-the-record chat messages, built on Gmail, where the data is managed in-place. Governance policies are applied directly to the native data store, eliminating the need to duplicate data in a separate archive and helping to reduce the risks associated with data movement and from spoliation. A robust audit trail provides complete visibility across the archive.

Retain business documents

Email and chat retention policies allow businesses to define standard retention policies for Gmail and on-the-record chat messages based on content, labels, and metadata. Once a message reaches the end of the retention period, Google Apps Vault automates compliance with the retention policies. The automated enforcement of policies, as well as legal holds, reduces the risks of spoliation and noncompliance. The legal hold functionality helps ensure email and chat messages can be preserved beyond their standard retention period for a litigation or an investigation.

Find relevant documents

eDiscovery tools allow authorized users to search across the domain for data that may be relevant to a specific matter or investigation. Google search algorithms can search domain wide, across large amounts of email in the archive and quickly return results. Authorized users can define and manage collections of message search results and collaborate with others to manage them. Email can be exported for further review and processing.

Designed for security

Google Apps Vault is designed for security and reliability with features like encrypted connections to Google’s servers, redundant backup, built-in disaster recovery and sharing controls that let your users collaborate securely on matters. Learn more about security.

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