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WSIS Flash Issue No 6 - March 2011

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March 2011, Geneva, Switzerland
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Message from the WSIS Team
Dear WSIS Stakeholders,
The WSIS process is committed to promoting synergies between WSIS and other relevant processes to make full use of the opportunities offered by ICTs in our efforts to reach the internationally agreed development goals, including those contained in the Millennium Declaration, and to uphold the key principles set forth in the WSIS Outcome Documents.
Two prominent examples where such synergies have been explored are with the LDC (Least Developed Countries) process and the Rio+20 process where ICTs are considered a key enabler for sustainable development.
Several meetings and activities have been planned that integrate the LDC process with the WSIS Process. A preparatory event for the Fourth UN Conference on the Least Developing Countries (LDC –IV) was held in March to discuss digital inclusion in LDCs, with respect to growth, innovation and sustainability. During Fourth United Nations Conference on Least Developed Countries (LDC IV) in Turkey, on 12 May, an UNGIS side even is aimed at discussing the opportunities and challenges of ICTs in LDCs. In conclusion, the WSIS Forum will also dedicate a High level dialogue on “ICTs as an enabler for development of LDCs” that will be held on 19 May 2011.
As the preparatory process for the Rio+20 conference progresses, the global community has been called to provide inputs to facilitate discussions and, particularly, to promote synergies between existing processes and mechanisms from the international community, such as the WSIS process.  During WSIS Forum 2011, the facilitation meeting for the AL C7, e-environment will allow WSIS stakeholders to discuss what are the lessons learned from the WSIS process in the use of ICTs for environmental protection and what outcomes from the WSIS process can be presented at the Rio+20 process to facilitate discussions.
We welcome all stakeholders in joining us to work together towards 2015!
WSIS Forum 2011
The draft agenda for WSIS Forum 2011 is now available on the homepage. Please note that the WSIS Forum is hosted by International Telecommunications Union (ITU) at the Conference Centre, International  Labour Organization (ILO) this year.
Executive Briefing on the WSIS Forum 2011, 18th April, 15:00-16:00

The WSIS Forum 2011 Open Consultation Process will conclude with an Executive Briefing on WSIS Forum. The Draft Agenda of the Forum (available at www.wsis.org/forum) is a result of the submissions received during the Open Consultation Process on the thematic focus and new innovative format for WSIS Forum 2011. Multiple stakeholders from 50 countries world-wide participated proactively in these consultations.

In order to ensure that all WSIS stakeholders are fully engaged in the preparatory process and do not lose any opportunity to contribute to this important event, the organizers (ITU, UNESCO, UNCTAD and UNDP) are holding an Executive Briefing on the WSIS Forum 2011. It will take place one month prior to the event, on Friday, 18 April 2010, 15:00 – 16:00, in Room H, ITU Headquarters, Geneva.
WSIS Stocktaking Platform
The WSIS Stocktaking Platform provides a large database consisting of an estimated 5026 projects and 2104 members. The WSIS Stocktaking platform offers a global events calendar, global repository, blogs, online communities, online forums, interactive online interviews, implementation case studies, country case studies, an embeddable interface and the WSIS Lab.
We are pleased to announce that an interactive session on “WSIS Implementation Success Stories” will be held during WSIS Forum 2011. Your are invited to send your speaker request to wsis-stocktaking@itu.int
WSIS Stocktaking Online Forum
Latest discussion topics:
Contribute or follow the online Forum here.
WSIS Stocktaking Blog
Provides a virtual space to exchange ideas and articles describing activities of stakeholders within the framework of WSIS. This blog provides you with the opportunity to collaborate electronically, build virtual networks of discussions and increase visibility of your activities. For the best use of information, blog functionalities such as comments and ratings are available for you. Everyone is welcome to submit their comments for the articles. The information may be submitted directly to the blog or to wsis-stocktaking@itu.int.
In January and February, the following articles were submitted to the WSIS Stocktaking Blog:
  • eOman
  • Social network sites, mobile Apps, ICT and the current crisis in Japan
  • Japan, Tsunami and ICT
  • Happy Women's Day
  • Women Empowerment
  • ITU Kaleidoscope academic conference 2011
  • Data Protection Day – January 28, 2011
  • ICT4Peace and Libya
View more WSIS Blog articles here.
Collaborative space on broadband presented new articles that focused on the broadband strategies. By 2010 some countries around the world adopted or planned to introduce the national broadband plans. What type of intervention governments should take to promote and facilitate the deployment of broadband infrastructure – for these and other questions, please search on www.wsis.org/wsislab. The updated WSIS Lab website is available with a new logo type and the summary of the outcomes. WSIS lab team invites all users to share relevant research.
From WSIS to Rio+20: Discussing the lessons learned from Action Line C7 ‘e-Environment’
This year’s WSIS facilitation meeting of Action Line C7 (AL C7) ‘e-Environment’ will be held under the theme “From WSIS to Rio+20: The role of ICTs in sustainable development and the green economy transition”. The session is a response to the call made by the preparatory process for the upcoming UNCSD 2012 Conference (Rio+20) to provide forward-looking approaches and lessons learned on how to move forward the sustainability agenda and the implementation of Agenda 21. The facilitation meeting, convened by ITU, UNEP and WMO, will be an open debate aimed at connecting the WSIS and Rio+20 processes under the theme of the Information Society. Help us to move this debate forward and join us at WSIS Forum 2011 (18 May /16.30-18.00). For further information on how to get involved in the preparation of the meeting please contact: climate@itu.int
“Standards need to protect children online”
The recent Telecommunication Standardization Advisory Group (TSAG) meeting invited experts in ITU’s standardization group (Study Group 17) to examine security-related guidelines/standards on child online protection issues.
For further details please visit the following link
United Nations Group on the Information Society (UNGIS)
UNGIS Chairs and Vice Chairs are preparing and coordinating for a possible UNGIS side event during the Fourth United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries to be held from the 30th May to 3 June in Turkey.
ITU Kaleidoscope academic conference 2011
The fully networked human? − Innovations for future networks and services” Cape Town, South Africa, 12-14 December 2011
The ITU Kaleidoscope academic conference 2011 entitled “The fully networked human? − Innovations for future networks and services” will take place in Cape Town, South Africa, 12-14 December 2011. The call for papers has been issued (http://www.itu.int/dms_pub/itu-t/oth/29/05/T29050000030002PDFE.pdf). Submission of full paper proposal deadline is 15 May 2011. A prize fund totaling $10,000 will be awarded to the authors of the three best papers. The winning papers will be featured in a future special edition of IEEE Communications Magazine, with all papers available from the IEEE Xplore online catalogue. Young Author Recognition certificates will be also issued. The call for papers has been issued. Submission of full paper proposal deadline is 15 May 2011. A prize fund totaling $10,000 will be awarded to the authors of the three best papers. The winning papers will be featured in a future special edition of IEEE Communications Magazine, with all papers available from the IEEE Xplore online catalogue. Young Author Recognition certificates will be also issued.
For sponsorship opportunities please contact us at kaleidoscope@itu.int.
Consultation on the CIARD Framework for Data and Information Sharing.
logoE-Agriculture   logoE-Agriculture
In 2011, CIARD is addressing the topic of sharing and interoperability of data and information for agricultural research for development.
There will be an international Expert Consultation in Beijing from 20 to 23 June 2011 with the title "Building the CIARD Framework for Data and Information Sharing".
An electronic consultation will be held from 4 to 15 April on the e-Agriculture platform (www.e-agriculture.org) with the same title, in preparation for the Beijing workshop. The e-Consultation will address the following questions:
  • What are we sharing and what needs to be shared?
  • What are the prospects for interoperability in the future?
  • What are the emerging tools, standards and infrastructures?
  • What actions should now be facilitated by the CIARD Task Forces?
For further information please click here
Case Studies
  • ITU/UPU (Book, 2010), ICTs, new services and transformation of the post (including a series of separate case studies for Buthan, Bostwana, Brazil, Korea, Russian Federation, Sauri Arabia)
  • ITU (2010), Satellite Connectivity to Remote Areas and E-Services for Development: Initiatives through Post Office Telekiosks in Buthan
  • ITU (2010), ICTs Communicty Access and Development: Case Studies from Six Developing Countries (Mali, Bhutan, Honduras, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Tanzania)
  • Innovative ways of appropriating mobile telephony in Africa (2010)
"B more" campaign!
Join "B more" campaign! Help us meet the Millennium Development Goals. Help us promote the benefits of broadband. Help us B more.
Connect-World publishes editions for each of the world's major regions: Asia-Pacific, EMEA, AME, Europe, India, Latin America, North America, and Global.
Our writers are the people who know the ICT sector best: the leaders of industry, governments, international organisations, legal experts and bankers.
Over 22,000 copies of each edition of Connect-World is delivered to the desks of the top decision-makers of leading international companies, telecom ministries, regulatory agencies, carriers, service providers, equipment manufacturers, satellite companies and others. Each edition of the magazine is distributed to a further 48,000 readers digitally.
Connect-World is also a major sponsor of leading trade shows globally and regionally.
Aims to empower stakeholders to write and report on all WSIS related events and activities, sharing their work and ideas with thousands of WSIS stakeholders online worldwide.
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Provides all registered onsite participants of the WSIS Forum 2011 with an online social networking community experience.
From Our Partners
CoNGO is one of the official focal points of the Civil Society for the WSIS Process.
"Freedom of opinion and freedom of expression are cardinal both to Civil Society and
to the Information Society. CoNGO and its members promote and defend these
fundamental principles throughout the WSIS Process."
Cyril Ritchie, President of CoNGO 2011-2014
International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development
ITU News – Latest Issue
ITU Statshot
Video Volunteers Announces 'IndiaUnheard' - The World's First Community News Service: Making Change By Bringing Untold Stories from the Farthest Villages of India to Impact a Global Audience.
A network of people from slums and villages in India who have been trained to make video news reports on corruption, human rights, health, sanitation and other issues, IndiaUnheard is making an impact in these villages and across the globe. “Community Correspondents report on human rights violations they live through, and this gives their videos new perspective and power". The work has inspired thousands of poor people to organize and take actions.
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