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Hack Facebook Account

Step 1: Create a New Email Account! I wont advice to use your existing Email Address for security reasons.
Step 2: Use this new Email Address to create a New Facebook account.
Step 3: Find your Profile Id though the Facebook URL. Visit your Profile and observe the URl.
Step 4: Add all fake information into that Profile.
Step 4: Add a picture to it. A female’s Photo will work wonders!
Step 5: Now write 2 or 3 status updates and Add 20-30 friends in that account. Friends can be random people!
Step 6: Now decide who’s account you wish to hack.
Step 7: Find the Email Address of that person.
Step 8: Now when you have the Email id of that person, you only need to know the password to get into his account.
Step 9: Give up guessing his Password and Log in to your own Facebook account and go crazy!
Step 10: Wish yourself “Happy Fool’s Day”
Sorry Guys, for misleading you for so long. But, you can

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